There are many different cultural traditions that can be added to a wedding ceremony:

Unity candle

Sand Ceremony

Rose Ceremony

Glass breaking

Broom jumping

Hand wrapping/Hand fasting

Hand blessing

Wine Ceremony

Cord Of Three Strands

Bouquet of love and support

Family Ceremony

Butterfly or Dove Ceremony

Tree planting Ceremony

Letter Box Ceremony

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Your choice of style:




Special theme

Virtually any location

Day and time of your choosing

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Services & pricing

Additional Information

Based on the length and complexity of your ceremony, travel requirements and the location and date of the ceremony, the fee varies. The pricing for your ceremony will reflect the tie spent making sure that your wedding ceremony is customized, personalized and just the way you want it. It will include the careful preparation of the ceremony script, rehearsal of the ceremony when needed, as well as officiating the ceremony itself. I will consult with your DJ/Videographer/Wedding planner and venue staff as needed and I am available to you by phone and email throughout the process of preparation for your big day. For weddings that fall on holiday weekends, there is an additional fee. All weddings are custom written for the bride and groom. The bride and groom may write their own service if they choose. This is your day, I do what you want! 

My goal is to assist you in creating a memorable day!

*Please have payment ready before the wedding service so you can proceed from the service to your photographs.**


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$ 100.00 deposit is a non-refundable booking fee. This secures the date and time of your ceremony.